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Email 1

Subject: Turn those spins into wins!


Hey [Name]

Did you know that if you add up all the numbers on a roulette wheel, it adds up-to 666 which is the number of the beast?

We believe that the tools on roulette calculators, if used correctly can slay the beast.

You see, most people who play roulette simply bet on their favourite numbers that they generate by using their birthdays etc. This is what we call gambling!

 The way we do it is very different; we analyse the past results from a dealer and look for patterns. When we find a dealer who is showing these patterns, we make educated bets based on their history.

 This is what separates us from the other 99%, we are betting based on previous results, not hopes and dreams. 

 We really want to help you increase your odds when playing this fun, exciting game, so why not take advantage of our iron clad 60-day money back guarantee so that you can see the difference it makes to have these tools at your fingertips!

Talk soon! 


Email 2

Subject: Stop being a loser


Hey [Name]

If you go onto YouTube and search “roulette strategies”, you will be faced with thousands of different systems, but here is what you need to keep in mind! 

There is no science behind those strategies! The casino has a 2.7% advantage on European (single zero) roulette. This means, In the long run, you will lose. 

What makes us so different? 

Good question! The difference between us and the noob tubers out there is we understand that the house has an edge, and any mathematic strategy will eventually lose. 

Our tools work differently, they measure and track the dealers spin results and then show you the optimal area for your bets! 

Most noob tubers out there are pumping out bogus systems to generate an income themselves through adverts. Please pay attention next time you are watching and notice that they are typically using PLAY MONEY! If they lose, they refresh their balance and start again until they get the desired outcome. We always use real money in our demonstrations and tutorials. 

 Let’s be realistic, we aim to get 7 out of 10 winning sessions when playing which means overall, we are beating the house. 

 Are you ready to become a winner?

Talk soon! 


Email 3

Subject Line: How to win at roulette!


Hey [Name]

Let me ask you a question! Have you ever had one of those sessions where you couldn’t lose at the roulette table? Like most people, you probably have. I’m sure you have also had the opposite where you couldn’t hit a single number during the whole session. 

 Like most people, you probably thought, this isn’t my lucky day. But I want you to think about this logically, what made the difference. 

 It could be that the dealer had a signature, meaning they have a pattern on where they make the ball land - I will explain this later! 

 If the dealer has a signature, and your “lucky numbers” happen to be in that area, congratulations, your kicking ass. However, if that dealer has a signature and your numbers aren’t in that area, you may as well hand over your cash to the croupier and go home to save time. 

 Think of the tools that roulette calculators offer as a crystal ball. Before you even place a bet, you can see how that dealer is performing which gives you an insight on whether to play at that table. 

 Let’s explain how these tools work!

Once you become a member, you will have access to our full training videos, but for now, here is an outline to satisfy your curiosity. 

 The dealer tracker will measure the distance from where the dealer spins the ball from, to where the ball lands. It then keeps this data in its memory for each spin and shows you all the previous results on the roulette wheel graph. 

This identifies any dealers who show consistency and lets you know the best area of the wheel to cover. 

 Betting on the area that the dealer is consistently hitting makes far more sense than betting on lucky numbers, doesn’t it? We call this educated betting. 

 The dealer tracker is only one of the tools that you will have access to when you join the family.

Talk soon! 


Email 4

Subject Line:  4 simple rules to win at roulette


Hey [Name]

They say that roulette it is a game of chance and mathematically it is, so how I have I managed to win in the long run for over seven years? The answer is simple and can be broken down into four simple steps.

 1: Find the right dealer - I only ever play with dealers who are showing high levels of consistency and a dealers signature.

 2: Set a target - I set a realistic target, and stick to it. I only ever try to double my money in one session. When I achieve this, I am done. If you play for to long, chances are you will lose focus.

 3: Stay under the radar - sometimes you hit your target very quickly and the temptation might be there to keep playing. By doing this, you risk the chance of generating to much attention. If you want to keep playing, I recommend that you leave the table and find another one, preferably at another casino.

 4: Don’t gamble - I personally don’t see it as gambling when you put the time in to finding a good dealer and sticking to the above rules. But sometimes you have a losing session regardless, it happens to everyone. The worst thing you can do is to lose all focus and try to win your money back quickly, I consider this as gambling. Leave it for a while and come back fresh when emotions are no longer controlling your decisions. I have been following these rules for the last 7 years and can honestly say that I win way more often than I lose. If you put the time in and follow these rules, you will see this game in a whole new light!

Talk soon! 


Email 5

Subject: If it works, why share it?


Hey [Name]

I have been using these tools successfully for over seven years and have only recently made them available to the public, and here’s why…

You may have heard the expression two heads are better than one, my goal was to create a network of roulette players who can not only share their ideas for future tools, but to build a community where everyone can help each other out by sharing dealer data so that we can all profit together, much faster! 

It also provides full transparency so members can communicate with each other freely, you are not just buying into a product, you are joining a family. 

Not only do you get access to all the tools to improve your gameplay, but you also get full access to our very own exclusive private social network which include the following features.

News feed - This is the area where users share their successes, strategies, and stories. 

Albums and videos - Users can share photos and strategy videos to help others. 

Chat and instant messenger - Have one on one chats or jump into the chat rooms to meet new people. 

Events - Some users like to all jump on the same table, this is possible by creating or joining events. 

Dealer reviews - Knowledge is power, especially when you know which dealers are typically good performers. 

 Forums - The forums are there for help, advice and support. 

And so much more…

Talk soon! 


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