What is a dealer's signature and how can we use it to make money when playing roulette?

There are only 3 factors that come into play with each roulette spin. 

When the dealer spins the ball from, the speed that the dealer spins the ball and the speed that the dealer spins the roulette wheel!

When a dealer spins both the ball and the wheel at a consistent speed they often exhibit what’s known as a dealer's signature. This means that the ball lands in a particular section of the wheel each time. 

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So, What Do You Get?

Roulette Calculators Saver Bundle

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± Calculator - This tool keeps track of the the different sections of the table. Reds, Blacks, Odds, Evens, Highs, Lows, Dozens and Columns.
Dealer Tracker - Keep track of a live dealer to identify patterns and consistency of a dealers signature.
Area Key - How often does the ball go back to a section of the wheel? The Area Key will tell you.
Number Tracker - Have you ever wanted to track an air-powered roulette table to see if you can find patterns with the different air pressures? Now you can!
Roulette Social Network - Not only do you get access to all of these incredible tools, you will also become part of the roulette calculators family where you can chat to other professional roulette players with our very own, private social network.

Auto Tracking tools

Q. What’s the difference between the manual and auto trackers?

A. The manual tools require you to input the dealers results manually. The auto trackers automatically track the most popular 50+ online roulette tables. This gives you a massive advantage allowing you to track multiple tables at the same time so that you can pick the best tables available. Please click here for a full list of tables  that the auto tracking tools work on. 

You pay $35 today and then $35 a month for as long as you want to remain a member. 

This isn’t one of those phony systems - these are tools that show you the actual results of the dealer's history, which gives you insight on the optimal areas to place your bets.

All of our payment plans give you an iron clad 60 day money back guarantee! 

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